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"The Inn" Bethlehem in Judea


What others have said about The Inn:-

"totally inadequate"
"This grimey hovel was one of the grimiest hovels I have ever visited. Totally inadequate. No HOT WATER OR TOWELS! Hygiene needs radical improvement. It was billed as a 'rural retreat', but I did not expect to share the accomodation with farm animals!"
B.V. Mary

“Definitively Retro-Judaic, although the rustic charm was over-played, I thought. Oh, and it was a mistake not to book, especially at such a busy time. Insist on a room in the main building. "Courtyard-accommodation" is no more than a stable, complete with ass and camel! No, really!"
Joseph (Artisan Wood-crafter)

"memorable sights"
"This accomodation was part of a well organised adventure camel-holiday for three. Very exciting as we had absolutely no idea where we were heading when we set off. However the route was well sign-posted, if a little far. What a right royal relief to dismount at Bethlehem! Very memorable though, and what a bonus to find the lovely family etc .”
Gaspar (Magus)

"Wise man "
"A great adventure! The scenery was like something out of the Bible! We met some real characters with fantastic stories to tell. My friends stayed here, but I chose the Bethlehem Hilton as I needed a good night's kip after the journey. The Inn did seemed very authentic, but lacked good facilities and was quite basic."
Balthazar (Wise man)

"We all came at very short notice. I was quite anxious when this trip was suddenly announced by “Host Travels”, but I needn't have worried. Everything was well organised and we felt very welcomed and at home when we got there. Lovely family atmosphere."
Benjamin Baa Merino (Pastoral worker)

"unholy clatter"
"I'm used to staying in hotels in my line of work, and I thought this one would be as quiet as the other country inns I use; but no. People were coming and going at all times of the day and night. There was a loud choir singing in the middle of one night, and an unholy clatter of agricultural labourers and animals at about 3am. A woman gave birth one night, so we all got to hear about that, of course! As they say, "No peace for the wicked!" ”
Vatus Maximus (Tax-Inspector)

"give the kid a chance "
23/12/2013 ad
"It turns out that thousands of people are having a look at this webpage, so we thought it might raise a bit of money for a good cause. If you think babies deserve a healthier start in life than this dubious Inn provides I suggest you give some of your gold to the Save the Children charity this Christmas. Thank you.”